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Space Capabilities – Intro





Space Capabilities


Cutting edge solutions for primary and secondary vehicle controls and ancillary products manned, unmanned and commercial spacecraft.


Space Capabilities – Main Text

Typical Product Offerings


Manned, Unmanned and Commercial

  • Vehicle Controls
    (Primary and Secondary)

    • Aileron Actuation System
    • Auto Throttles
    • Autopilot Actuation
    • Body Flaps Actuation System
    • Control Actuation Systems (CAS)
    • Elevator Actuation System
    • Elevon Actuation System
    • Flap and Spoiler Handles
    • Flaperons
    • Flight Control Actuation System (FCAS)
    • Leading Edge Actuation Systems
    • Passive Throttles
    • Rudder Actuation System
    • Rudder Brake Pedal Assemblies (RPBA’s)
    • Smart Servos
    • Speed Brake Actuation Systems
    • Spoiler Actuation Systems
    • Steering Systems
    • Thrust Vector Control (TVC)
  • Ancillary/Utility Products
    • Antenna Drives
    • Attitude Control Systems (ACS)
    • Azimuth and Elevation Drives Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR)
    • Camera Focus Drives
    • Cargo Hatches and Doors
    • Cargo Holding Actuation
    • Cargo Release Actuation
    • Control Stick Dampers
    • Custom Power Drives
    • Custom Sensors
    • Diverter Control Systems (DCS)
    • Door Actuation
    • Electric Brake Actuation Systems
    • Electro-Optic Targeting System Actuation (EOTS)
    • Landing Light Actuation
    • Nose Wheel Steering Actuation
    • On-Engine Actuation
    • Radar Gimbal Systems
    • Stick Shakers
    • Variable Geometry Inlet Vane Actuation
    • Wing Fold Actuation Systems