Active Auto-Throttle Quadrant Assembly
project name

Active Auto-Throttle Quadrant Assembly

For Future Military Fighter


Allowing pilots to control the power setting of an aircraft engines by specifying a desired flight characteristic.

Problem Statement
Ingenium Aerospace is working cooperatively with a customer to develop a two engine auto-throttle system for a future fly by wire (FBW) fighter aircraft. The system is designed to conserve fuel and extend engine life by metering the precise amount of fuel required to attain a targeted air speed or the assigned power for different phases of flight.

Ingenium Aerospace has extensive experience in cockpit controls, closed loop systems, safety and redundancy management, and control electronics. Utilizing customer provided requirements, Ingenium has provided extensive technical support for this future aircraft. Working cooperatively with the customer’s experts, the engineering team matured the requirements and finalized TQA performance details. The Ingenium product design team addressed all requirements including wire-routing, lock-outs, feel and gating systems, and break-away devices.
The TQA-FWD contains one brushless DC motor and three throttle position sensors per engine. The BLDC Motor is used by the flight control computer / auto-pilot mode to adjust throttle position. The system also features adjustable feel for the pilot and includes a detented gating system for the handle position to augment safe operation. This unit also features a mechanical linkage used to attach a passive aft TQA for a two seat aircraft configuration.

Results & Outcome
Ingenium Aerospace is currently developing the active and passive two engine TQA for this vehicle, which is currently on track to finish on time and within budget.