Commercial Space Tourism
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Commercial Space Tourism

Flight Control Actuation


Ingenium Aerospace designed, developed, and manufactured a redundant linear electromechanical actuator (EMA) for use as the flight control actuator (FCA) for a new space tourism industry vehicle.


Problem Statement
Ingenium Aerospace was asked to develop a safe FCA system to provide both horizontal stabilizer trim actuation (HSTA) and roll boost functionality for the SpaceShip2 (SS2) Vehicle. This system has numerous critical requirements with safety levels equal to or greater than that of traditional commercial aircraft.

The actuators were created from a clean-sheet concept and evolved into delivered, fully-qualified, flight-ready Space hardware. Ingenium Aerospace recognized that a disciplined approach to requirements definition and analysis, coupled with a unique top level actuation architecture were keys to success. The Ingenium team worked closely with the customer to develop all the requirements and fully understand the safety needs of the vehicle. The system hazard safety assessment (SHSA) made clear that a unique architecture was necessary to satisfy the needs of this vehicle. Ingenium’s product engineering team designed, developed, qualified and produced the system that met these needs. This system’s architecture is electrically, structurally and dynamically redundant such that no single event can prevent the vehicle from completing its mission.

Results & Outcome
Ingenium Aerospace delivered a qualified, high-quality space-rated product for this vehicle. The units are flying successfully, providing both synchronous operation of the HSTA as well as asynchronous operation when a roll boost command is provided by the pilot’s input stick. This commercial space system meets the objectives and has been flying flawlessly for years in flight test. Ingenium is proud to be at the forefront of commercial space flight and space tourism.