EMA for an Active Strut Damper
project name

EMA for an Active Strut Damper

High performance rotary wing actuator


Problem Statement
This application required unique characteristics including two speed (hi-lo) operation, long and short stroke operational capability, extreme life and high frequency response for active pulse cancellation of vibrations generated by a helicopter main rotor as transferred to the airframe structure.

Ingenium Aerospace designed a highly efficient, 270 VDC motor and matched its performance to an Ingenium designed ball screw assembly. The resulting linear, direct drive, EMA is capable of producing 150 Lbf at 7.4 inches per second as well as operate at a frequency response of 25 Hz at +/-.040 inches amplitude. The motor has an integral temperature sensing thermistor so real time temperature data can be reported during operation. The signal lead include pin-outs for encoder commutation and thermal sensor. The motor has a no-load speed greater than 15,000 RPM and stall torque exceeding 80 in-lbs. The EMA is approximately 3.2 inches in diameter and approximately 13.9 inches long. The mechanical stroke is approximately 1.7 inches. The EMA is also outfitted with an anti-rotation feature and the actuator is environmentally sealed.

Results & Outcome
Ingenium Aerospace has successfully tested and delivered units to our customer for their higher system level testing. This is an example of Ingenium Aerospace’s solution for an EMA demanding extreme life.  This specific design required over 6,000,000 inches of travel during its mixed modes of operations over its lifetime. Ingenium shipped the completed EMAs in less than 9 months from concept sketch with the customer to hardware receipt by the customer.