Hot Gas Diverter Actuation System
project name

Hot Gas Diverter Actuation System

For Guided Munition


Design of a custom linear electromechanical actuator (EMA) for use as the hot gas diverter actuation system

Problem Statement
Ingenium Aerospace’s customer requested the development of a diverter actuation system through a critical design review (CDR) level including detailed design documentation. The system had to operate at an extremely high speed and altitude during a long distance flight regime, and packaged with high closed loop frequency response and low backlash to fit within a tight envelope constraint. The unit had to provide ample output force while operating at high speed, all while exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

The diverter requires sensors to measure the direction of the vehicles hot gas emission, actuators to apply the forces or torques needed to divert the thrust in a desired direction, and algorithms to command the actuators based on sensor measurements of the actual thrust direction and closing the loop to the desired thrust direction.

Ingenium’s product features custom wound brushless DC motors, a custom gearbox and rack & pinion linear output. Ingenium’s product engineering team optimized the gear ratios using MATLAB / Simulink models. This effort required a defined frequency response at low amplitude to achieve the required performance backlash. This very small and tightly-packaged product weighs less than 0.4 lb.

Results & Outcome
Ingenium Aerospace delivered a detailed design and documentation package which included all the analysis, models, presentation, compliance matrices, trade studies and detailed drawings to fabricate the actuator.   This effort was completed in less than five months.