Rudder Pedal and Brake Assembly
project name

Rudder Pedal and Brake Assembly

For a Future Fighter Aircraft


Rudder Brake/Pedal Assemblies (RPBA) for next generation fighter aircraft cockpits

Problem Statement
A customer dissatisfied with the product support and commitment from their traditional RBPA provider requested a solution with enhanced reliability and increased ease of maintenance. In cooperation with the customer, Ingenium Aerospace is working supportively to develop the RPBA’s for a future (FBW) fighter aircraft.

Through the use of the RPBA, the pilot achieves directional (yaw) control through translation of either pedal to generate electric command signals to the flight control computer (FCC) and nose wheel steering (NWS) system by using the weight on wheels (WOW) indication and position sensor feedback.  Rotation of either pedal generates electrical command signals through position sensors to the landing gear brake system.  Pilot artificial feel and force centering of the pedals provide for rudder and brake control.  The rudder / brake pedal assembly position is adjustable between the carriage and the support frame. The design was created from a clean-sheet concept and solves many of the issues associated with these legacy products. Utilizing a modular concept, the Ingenium team greatly improved the adjustability and ease of maintenance after installation in the vehicle. Triplex and duplex position sensing modules were used for critical functions and re-centering mechanisms and friction devices provide position repeatability and pilot feel. A rigidly-mounted carriage to the aircraft and quick disconnect modules resolved maintenance concerns.

Results & Outcome
The RPBA for this vehicle is currently under development at Ingenium Aerospace and on track to finish on time and within budget.