Tail Cone Assembly
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Tail Cone Assembly

For a Guided Munition


Solutions for guided munition including fin locking

Problem Statement
Ingenium Aerospace often receives opportunities to custom package multiple channels of active control for guided munitions and also provides the fin locking function, if required.

Ingenium Aerospace designed a rail launched, 2.1 inch diameter TCA (TCA) featuring four channels of active fin control, independent position sensing and integrated electronics. Ingenium’s experience on a wide range of TCA diameters (2.0 inches to over 10 inches) provided in-depth of knowledge of tight packaging and high frequency response servo design principals to satisfy the demanding application of next generation guided munitions. These type of systems require very low backlash, high stiffness and exceptional torque to inertia ratio to accomplish the basic performance. These aggressive requirements are often compounded by adding temperature and altitude extremes, high ballistic shock and set-back loads and power consumption limitations. Ingenium uses custom, internally-created design tools to solve these challenges, utilizing Nastran and Ansys as well as Matlab Simulink and SolidWorks Simulation to ensure solutions are adequately designed to meet the most stringent requirements.

These systems are applicable for use in rail, tube or air launched systems.

Results & Outcome
A 2.1 inch diameter rail launched guided munition TCA is in development, and on schedule to be completed within budget requirements.