Primary Flight Control
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Primary Flight Control

Actuation for a Next Generation Guided Munition


Design, develop and manufacture a linear electromechanical actuator (EMA) as the primary flight control actuator (FCA) for a next generation hypersonic missile Glide Body (GB).

Primary Flight Control Actuation for a Next Generation Guided MunitionProblem Statement
Ingenium Aerospace’s customer was contracted to produce a novel Rocket Delivery System (RDS). The RDS had to operate at an extremely high speed and altitude, during a long distance flight regime. The customer needed a 5 HP (horsepower) EMA solution with high frequency response capable of many thousands of pounds of output force at high speed, all while exposed to extreme environmental conditions and severe ballistic shock. The customer needed the fully qualified actuators delivered in less than 9 months.

The team at Ingenium Aerospace recognized that a focused program management effort coupled with experienced engineering were keys to success. An interactive and collaborative kick-off meeting with the customer and end users initiated the development of a mutually agreeable integrated master schedule (IMS), which would track and manage the project to meet the aggressive deadline requirement. As the IMS was honed, Ingenium Aerospace worked cooperatively with the customer and end users’ engineering teams to mature the requirements and finalize EMA performance details. For this program, the end user provided the multi-channel electronic controller for the actuators, the Ingenium Aerospace team focused on the EMAs, and the customer focused on the Glide Body (GB).

Ingenium Aerospace completed the design details, including dynamic, thermal, gear optimization studies, reliability, and Matlab Simulink and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models within weeks after program authorization to proceed (ATP). Ingenium’s dedicated Program Manager leveraged years of industry experience to expedite the process by collapsing and streamlining communication and approvals, combining meetings and advanced releasing materials for the longest-lead items. By solving the technical challenges efficiently and meeting aggressive deadlines, Ingenium Aerospace facilitated completing the successful flight testing within the required timeframe.

Results & Outcome
The actuators were created from a clean-sheet concept and evolved into delivered, fully-qualified, flight-ready hardware in less than (8) months from the ATP. The effort was on time and within budget. The engineering development testing (EDT) was completed ahead of schedule. The customer utilized the Ingenium Matlab Simulink models as part of the overall vehicle models. The customer’s launch vehicles successfully flew within the launch window and the program was deemed a success. After flight testing the customer commented positively about how precisely the Ingenium models represented the actual flight test data. This FCS solution is adaptable to tube, land and shipboard launch platforms.