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We Thrive on A Challenge

Ingenium Aerospace is an innovative, global leader in actuation systems and rotating components for space, air, land, and sea. For more than a decade, our team of technical experts has developed highly-engineered, custom motion controls and rotating components to address the most complex problems in the industry

Extreme performance parameters?
Cost-Constraints? Tight program deadlines? We’ve seen it all.

Our team delivers expertly designed, quality solutions for the most challenging requirements.

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Reaching New Heights

We’ve designed for performance from the depths of sea to outer space

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Extreme Temperatures

Our solutions have functioned from -320º to 800º F

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When fast isn’t fast enough

We’ve met subsonic through hypersonic speed regimes

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Built tough

Our products meet the toughest requirements MIL-STD-810

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Feel the power

Power from 28 to 600 VDC
and 50W – 100kW

Flexibility is Key

As a small, privately held company, Ingenium Aerospace has the flexibility to take on applications that other companies can’t – or won’t – support. Our team can lead, partner, collaborate, integrate, or co-develop programs. We take on projects with high, moderate, and low volumes. We offer capabilities across the entire product life cycle, from solution design through aftermarket support.

Ready to talk? We look forward to learning about your challenge.

the biggest names in the industry come to Ingenium Aerospace for solutions.

Certificates & Accreditations

Ingenium is a trusted small business and holds the certifications and accreditations to manage projects across the defense and aerospace industries, including but not limited to:

Business Certificates and Accreditations

Business Certificates & Accreditations

  • Small Business, State of Illinois
  • AS9100D:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Quality System
  • CAGE: 4NCW3
  • DUNS: 790028554
  • FAA Certified Repair Station
  • IAQG OASIS GIDEP Registered
Department of Defense Certifications

Department of Defense Certifications & Accreditations

  • ITAR Registered
  • DOD Secure Facility
  • DD2345 (Military Critical Technical Data Agreement)
  • ORCA Registered
  • Bureau of Industry Security (BIS) SNAP-R US Department of State D-TRADE
Customer Specific Registrations

Customer Specific Registrations

  • Exostar Registered
  • Sikorsky Supplier Portal Registered
  • P2P Registered
  • SAM (System of Award Management) Registered

Ingenium’s History

Ingenium Aerospace LLC was established in 2006 after listening to the collective voices of the aerospace, military, and defense marketplaces. Our customers needed an industry partner focused on addressing challenges that required highly-engineered custom actuation and rotating components.

To meet that need, Ingenium’s leadership thoughtfully designed our business with the flexibility to focus on providing custom solutions for the most challenging requirements. That flexibility extends to our ability to take low- to mid-volume production. We work in whatever way makes sense for the client and project, leading, partnering, collaborating, integrating, or co-developing with client and partner teams.

Since then, we’ve cultivated a collaborative, innovative, and inspiring workplace in which we develop some of the coolest solutions for the defense and commercial aerospace industry. Our seasoned industry professionals work side-by-side with the most promising new talent to think, design, and deliver where others simply can’t. We continue to evolve, meeting the changing needs of the industry and clients.

Got a problem we can help solve? We look forward to hearing from you.

Rockford’s Aerospace Cluster


With 250 industry suppliers within a 90-minute radius, we are at the heart of the aerospace industry.

Ingenium Aerospace is headquartered in Rockford, IL, part of the 6th largest regional aerospace cluster in the nation. With a robust network representing four tier- one companies and more than 250 suppliers across the supply chain, Rockford is accelerating aerospace innovation.


  • Electric power generation systems
  • Power management
  • Actuation systems
  • Metal component fabrication
  • Aircraft interior manufacturing
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)

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