Custom Motors, Gearing, Brakes & Clutches:

  • Housed and Frameless Brushless DC
  • Stepper
  • AC Induction
  • Brushed DC
  • Torquer Form Factor
  • Planetary Gearing
  • Spur Gearing
  • Right Angle Gearing
  • Build to Print and/or Manufacturing Improvements

Custom Ancillary


  • E/M Fail-Safe Brakes or Locks
  • Detent or Hysteresis Brakes
  • Commutation Sensors
  • Positions or Velocity Sensors
  • Brushless DC Tachometers
  • Alternators and Generators

Sample Rotation Performance Parameters

Flame Icon

Extreme Temperatures

Standard operating temperature
range of -55º C to 220º C (Optional
to 260º C)

Up Down Arrows Icon

Reaching New Heights

LRU form factors available

Stopwatch Icon

When fast isn’t fast enough

High power density and high torque
to inertia ratio machines

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Built tough

High pressure, vacuum, wet, or
sealed motors

Lightning Bolt Icon

Feel the power

Fraction of a watt to 100kW
power output

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