Case Study

A Fresh Approach to Aircraft Cargo Ramp Actuators


Component Description

Utility electromechanical geared rotary actuators (EGRAs) for cargo.

What WE DID:

  • Design
  • Manufactured Assemblies

The Environments:

  • Air

The challenge requirements:

  • A modern military aircraft required an EGRA as part of a Cargo Restraining System (CRS)
  • Requirements for torque, operating speed, durability, and reliability
  • Must survive repeated mechanical shock and high impact loads
  • Retain factory set precision alignment or “clocking”
  • Only 12 months to develop a solution for aircraft certification

Our approach:

  • Designed and tested all features of the EGRA and test equipment needed
  • Structural analysis with considerations for EMI and evening lightning strike considerations in the design

The Solution:

  • Custom integral gear set and DC motor assembly within the EGRA
  • Custom clutch and manual override feature


We are inventive, flexible, creative, and adaptive


Ingenium’s design and manufactured assemblies were an immediate success, and Ingenium Aerospace was awarded a multi-year contract for hundreds of actuators per year. Ingenium continues to improve the design and recently proposed cost savings and manufacturability improvement ideas, which have been accepted and implemented. A new long-term agreement (LTA) has been executed and Ingenium Aerospace will be the program provider for years to come.

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