Case Study

Custom Brushless DC Motor for Primary and Secondary Flight Controls


Component Description

A 2.5” diameter and approximately 8.2” three-phase motor winding.

What WE DID:

  • Design
  • Development of unit and derivative products

The Environments:

  • Air
  • Land
  • Sea
  • Space

The challenge requirements:

  • Three-phase motor windings
  • Rated for an altitude of 400,000 feet with a high duty cycle
  • No-load speed greater than 15,000 RPM and stall torque greater than 80 in-lbs
  • Max temperature rating of 155 Degrees C
  • Winding voltage at 150 VDC with a continuous current capability of 50 Amps and a peak

The Solution:

  • Vacuum encapsulated windings for the three-phase motor windings and the resolver commutation
  • 2.5” in diameter and approximately 8.2” long
  • Temperature sensing thermistor embedded in the winding end turns for real-time temperature data during flight
  • Two D38999 connectors isolated the high-power motor leads from the signal leads associated with the resolver commutation and thermal sensor
  • Capability of 100 Amps


  • Primary and secondary flight control systems (FCS)
  • SpaceShip2 (SS2)
  • WhiteKnight2 (WK2), horizontal stabilizer trim actuation
  • High attitude long endurance unmanned air vehicles
  • Fin control systems



We are inventive, flexible, creative, and adaptive



To meet the demanding parameters and exacting requirements of this project, the Ingenium team worked closely with the client to design a highly engineered, cost-effective solution.

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