Case Study

Miniature High-Performance Motion Control Actuation for Multi-Use Applications


Component Description

High-performance miniature actuator for multi-use applications across a variety of harsh environments in a package the size of a highlighter marker and a remarkable weight of only 6.3 ounces.

What WE DID:

  • Design
  • Production (25 units/year)
  • Validation

The Environments:

  • Air
  • Land
  • Sea

The challenge requirements:

  • Capable of 25 Hz small amplitude frequency response
  • Interchangeable on missiles, valves, and other trunnion mounted applications
  • High duty cycle, large temperature extremes and harsh environmental conditions typical of naval environments
  • Extremely modest budget and short schedule

Our approach:

  • Design a miniature, versatile, and highly modular actuation system

The Solution:

  • Utilized a Hall Effect Device (HED) for commutation
  • Custom-designed Ingenium planetary gearhead and ball screw output
  • Optional brake


We are inventive, flexible, creative, and adaptive


Ingenium developed a solution with unprecedented performance in this package size. The Ingenium engineering team surpassed the technical expectations, making this product is a viable candidate for any high-performance, package-constrained application with a scalable design to support higher or lower performance levels.

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