Case Study

Primary Flight Control for Commercial Space Vehicle


Component Description

Flight-ready space hardware used in seven locations on the vehicle

What WE DID:

  • Lead, partner, collaborate, integrate, or co-develop programs
  • Focus on design, engineering, assembly and testing as well as moderate- and low-volume production
  • Support the entire product life cycle, from solution design through aftermarket support

The Environments:

  • Air
  • Space

The challenge requirements:

  • Extremely high speed and altitude during a long-distance flight regime
  • 150 VDC EMA with high frequency response
  • Required thousands of pounds of output force while operating at high speed
  • Capable of operating in extreme environmental conditions

Our approach:

  • Monte-Carlo-style analysis for worst-case duty cycle profiles
  • Matured the requirements and finalized EMA performance details
  • Clean-sheet design, prototyping and production

The Solution:

  • A fully qualified, flight-ready space hardware for the future space launch vehicle
  • Used in seven locations to support mission objectives


We are inventive, flexible, creative, and adaptive


To meet the demanding parameters and exacting requirements of this project, the Ingenium team worked closely with the client to design a highly engineered, cost-effective solution.

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